Innovation and leadership

30 Mar

I’m entering the blogging world and I have to say I have a bit of trepidation.  My blog posting goal is to share information that is helpful and inspirational.  You can see why there are a few nerves.  Rather than be a passive participant in the blogging world, I’m choosing to jump in and see what happens.  Here we go!

I posted a quote by Steve Jobs on my Facebook page that said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”  I’m using this as my jump-in point for this first blog.  When you look at leaders who are making a difference, you see their creativity, passion, vision, and action to make things happen.  They aren’t waiting to see what happens or looking to others to tell them what to do.  They create a new path or inspire in new ways…they innovate.

I’m not only talking about CEO’s or titans of industry or politics.  I’m talking about any person who takes the lead to make things happen.  I’ve seen assistants take on the role of communicating updates as they saw confusion brewing; external contractors create communication plans for internal people; and, supervisors lead meetings spur of the moment because their manager was called away unexpectedly.  Each had a choice to just let things happen and go about what they were tasked to do.  Innovation is about doing, not waiting for direction.

There’s choice in everything we do.  Choosing to be innovative opens up a lot of options and gives us a sense of control when things can seem out of control.  It has its risks . . . it also has its rewards.

I’ve given myself a challenge:  do one thing to be innovative each day.  Will you join me in the innovation challenge?


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